Thursday, January 18, 2007

Freeman Wilby Tea Pot

In my every day occupation as a big shot I am inundated with idiots and hawkers trying to push their latest brain fart on me. I am always gracious and talk with them for a few minutes before getting the security to teach them a lesson as they exit my solid gold building on Platinum nums lane here in Mayfair London cheap fags and spec savers. Above posted are some top notch ideas i myself have come up with as a beacon if you will for others less stupid than I to follow and one day own a fleet of brass prams themselves. Of course these are just ideas quickly jotted down but the fact that is was me who did the jotting makes them bankable with all the big studios.. in fact I printed some copies off on my solid uranium epson copier (with silk buttons) and exchange them for cash at every high street bank in Swaziland. I spent the money on cristal bottox at 12 million dollars a bottle which i poured on the floor like my hero 50 cent. It was quite a night.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Soft Focus Gravy Machine

That's a true story right there. I was shopping for sandreflex, which is a type of poison only effective on milners and it all just kind of 'happened'. i was a shocked as the next fella who was not shoked in the least.

Monday, January 08, 2007

High Calypso

More or less. the jumping dude there is based on a character I spotted in the fortean times a highly readable bunch of magazine hello