Friday, February 22, 2008

test your Brian

Clue: They are just like peas only different and beansier
Answer: beans

Crossword clue: 4 across, postmans sack.
How many letters?

... it's full of 'em

haaaa ha ha ha .... ahhh that sucks

Monday, February 11, 2008

why wouldn't you?

here is what cars would look like if you left them to their own devices... but oooooooooh no. You have to go fiddling with this... fuel lining with that... torquing all over the shop... brake pads and all that. cars in the wild are not naturally aggresive, it is only with the introduction of roads and toll booths that the usually placid automobile has become the beepy, squash yer toes, bad smellin arse that it is today. It's a real shame. I remember when you could feed them carrots and sugar lumps... in those days we called them horses and they were a lot better looking too.