Monday, March 31, 2008

turbine spine dance

I got a bunch of Kiraz reference from Justin coughdrop, among a multitude of other wonderful reference... he's there in the links so he is... he fell out with me for saying the hands on his latest post were bobbins. I think I have upset him and so I make a full and frankly frank apology. This ere picture is after looking at a whole heap of Kiraz stuff, that dude drew the gimpiest chin fizogs but pulled it off with elegance that is hard to do. It just shows that going that extra weird step more often than not pays off.... this is all starting to sound like sense so I refer you to the time when, as an 8 years old at a restaurant in Treardur bay, Wales i performed a perfect impersonation of a cheetah pulling one of them real big face stretching yawns as it surveyed the pickings available on the Serenghetti smorgasbord. You know what? No bugger noticed.. and I tell you now and i tell ya true, it was a great impression. It's hard to go back and enjoy your fish fingers and beans after such a set back but i did, after all a fish finger is still a fish finger and beans will, although not always obviously help their bread crumb, processed fish compadres along.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

why do people

I was brought up to think before i say something. Other instances of pointless chatter are:-

'I don't like that shirt' - when you couldn't give a feck
'Yeah you look ill' - after you told them that you are ill
'Oh, that's not good' -after you sustained a heavy whack to the head/ received and 18 year term on a chain gang in Lousiana.

...and i thought there were many others as there surely are but as ever when it comes to remembering them I seem to have forgotten them all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ronalds hand lackery

Unexpectedly both Ronalds hands fell off... and not in a funny way either since traditionally, the hand acts as a barrier to prevent all the juice in your arms from leaking out. With them gone Ronald could do nothing but lement his unwritten letter that would never be scratched out on paper. It was a letter thanking his Aunt for a great birthday pair of book ends. Ronalds Aunt would no doubt think he was something of an ungrateful little bastard pretty quickly after the letter didn't arrive.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't read all about it

Whilst climbing up and down a velvet ladder recently i managed to snag myself a stainless steel bicycle made of live broadcasting

Monday, March 03, 2008

look here you

So here it is... kind of the crypt keeper there... the head of the up stood girl is from a still of Meg Ryan pretending to do it... and that seems to be my pal Alessandra there about to open up a juicey vein and have a gargle... only she was always covered by garments whenever i saw her. Look at the arm round the back there... I know, i suck.....