Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Animation lesson 23...making a lovelly

Whilst being here on the earth we should all try our Georgiest Best to make a happy and fine thing to see. In my case i am making a silly wee cartoon that needs millions of hours of hard graft just as animation usually does. So far this project has taken me 37 years (cat years they are too... 9 shillings in old money) and no sign of an end to it.


Milenko said...

Oh dude, you rock and roll.
And you're funny as always.
Cheers to you and yer skill,



Ps. I keep forgetting to link to yer blog, so i will do it now.
Not that you will benefit much from that gesture, but at least i won't have to try to dig out your address every time I want to look.

Cheers again,

neven said...


Christian said...

Mick not only are you funny BUT you rock and roll too! Is there no end to your talents? I like the bikers and that guitars nice too ,well done yes.

Gene Fowler said...

yer no flippy long legs, but you'll have to do.

much kisses to your marmelade thighs,


Jez Hall said...

You bark like a dog young man!

alf said...

Your stuff is always amazing, maestro.... but sorry if I just look the pictures, skipping the text. I gave up understanding you a long time ago.

jesse said...

The products of your 37 cat years are finally coming into fruition!!
word on the street is youre in town.. I'll see you soon.

Always in for some lake district fun.. whens a good time to go? I should be done here in june