Thursday, May 24, 2007

Further secret things

Instead of calling them 'Black Comedies' why don't they just say 'not funnies' . Not only is it more honest but will save countless time usually wasted by people not dissimilar to me giving the feckin show half a chance in the vain hope that 'this time, this time it just might be funny'


Gene Fowler said...

stand him up fellah!!


where's the trojan horse helmet?

where's the bacon rapped fleece?

where's my knickers?!

neven said...

I think it is time you come back and Give Gene his knickers back

Matt Jones said...

REALLY nice work on here-I'll be back!

JustMe said...

HA... a Julius Cacti! Is that tequila...with a worm at the bottom? Awesome.