Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Best prices paid for copper piping and box spring mattresses.


Roxanne Burchartz said...

cute that is!!

marco piersma said...

I love that bus!wish it was real!

Kaboche said...

Hi Mick! First time on your blog! I really like your work :0-DDD!!!!Are you working in a Studio in Ireland?
Yes your description of St-Pat is quite ironic! Well St-Jean probably didn't drink too....he probably won't be proud of us this weekend ;0-)!


Jazzy Justin said...

Nice wheels.

joost said...

vroem vroem vroem!
tuut tuut!
vroemvroemvroem tuut tuut

damn pedestrians!

vroem vroem vroem

jesse said...

hahhahahaha! I think you should title all your posts in the workds of our friend joost here.. ver batem. silly bastid.

Gnarfdeath said...

cool bus!! nice shapes and design!