Friday, July 20, 2007

tibetan mind tennis

he's the greatest space explorer in the whole exploring land
he's fought a tiger walking backwards and it bit off his pipe hand
the Guallan natives call him 'Capowee-way' in what he thinks is great effection
but it literally translates to 'I am off to pick some dates, could you point in their direction.'

Ah yes the memoriods come whizzling back in glorious technimole humps. It was the springe of sevumpteen sickly eleven. I had just graduated and with my finely etched wooden metal work and fierce berrating diploma in my pocket i limped off down the main drag of edinburgh which in those innocent times was called glasgow.... stay tuned for no further updates to this story beamed directly into your mobile phone and or other useless device that marketting men told you it would be impossible to live without.


Jez Hall said...

Boss top!

Christian said...

Stop Boss!

Abel said...

I'm sorry!! Tell me which ones you sketched and I will happily put your name.
maximun respect to you amigo!