Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sorry seems to be the hardest word for the remorseless

here are two rejects from this week alone... and it's still only Thursday... stay tuned for further slaps in the face, rebuttals and chips pissed on.


monkeyfeather said...

I like the girl on the corner of Excitement and Danger. I wonder if those eyeballs are "Excitement" or, "Danger?"

Mick said...

yeah 'excitement and danger' that was my idea... I thought like a Micky Spillane story... 'She was a big bountyful broad of 24... sure she'd seen her share of life but at 8ft 10 she really did have an advantage over the dwarfish coat check girl who's only way of knowing who she was talking to was by identifying their belts, balls or tuppences. 12 noonish about four she stood on the corner of excitement and danger waiting for the call...'

Suzanne Marsden said...

It's a drag to get slapped in the puss for perfectly funny/ cool drawns..
I like the sheep myself :-P
But then.. that explains a lot haha!

Milenko said...

Aha ha.
Awesome stuff, rejected or not.
Rejection never stopped me from failing even further.

Cheers to you and your rejections,



Abel said...

Rejected reminds me to this:

Rick-Garcia said...

These ideas were rejected !? they are really good, specially the drawing of the girl at the corner.