Tuesday, November 06, 2007


What says rugged outdoor socks more than a fella camping with a big mug of bark,
a tilly lamp, a plaid shirt and a lap top for checking his feckin Myspace updates???
....hold the feckin phone there kiddies????? The western world continues it's abstract


pBn said...

He's looking over at the Marlboro man (out of shot due to smoking laws) and gloating about the fact he has 692 friends to his 62.

Still...nice Dinner jacket.

Rob A. said...

This image is obviously faked. Notice he has a MAC laptop? No MAC user would be caught dead with that colour of coffee mug. Let alone leaving their tent open to the elements. I'm sure Holmes would agree.

Mick said...

Emmental my dear what not

jesse said...

I nearly did big fella.. reclaiming my spot on the perch as we speak! Back in bidness.
I didnt know u were modeling for kodiak these days..