Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I went to montreal a bit

here is a house near Pauls dads gaff... pretty cool ey?
Here are two trained loonies who were doing some new dance like they had been bitten by ferocious electric beasts... they were great

Paul and Bev is the big park getting wet

paul and bev sitting on a table (well i never said it was gonna be a poller coaster post now did I?!)

I was trying to be arty or something... I don't have a clue really

These fine fine n'er do wells took me along in their new car

We stopped to play just in case later on we were struck down with the pox and therefore couldnae. Always stop and play kiddies... and avoid the pox

This is my pal Paul Bar None's father's house. there are outside are pauls Niece and nephew, a smarter more polite pair you couldn't wish to meet. later the little man freaked the snot out of me by rolling over a ball and seemingly bending in half the wrong way... 'kids are elastic' i was assured as the colour came back to my ashen face.

Here is Sean Scott the wonderful fellow who took me out to look at some drinks. he broke his rib but then had a spot of break dancing which resulted in him remembering that he had broken his rib

here are Seans pals. That's Serpico on the end, a talented musician next along and a pair of delightful young things who were a pleasure to be around... living out in the sticks I was missing dusky maidens with smiley faces.


jesse said...

Oy! Looks like youre havin a grand ol time out there.. one that could possibly rival our lake district excursion, what with the crusty houses, dusky maidens et all..
toodle whip!

kaunchen said...

What a great trip:)
looks u had lots fun there.
I've been there once long time ago and I love beautiful Montreal.

joost said...

wowie mick your drawings got much more realistic!

Stanley Thunderbeard said...

fun... it took me a while to recognize were I was doing the ol rib dance though... rough times. It was a true pleasure.