Friday, January 23, 2009

watching the telly

So anyway yes well ok... I admit it i was watching Frasier... I know I know... big bag of crap that it is.. it was on alright and some of it got in my eye... i made this quick sketch of what i thought was Kelsey grammar... I know it isn't very good but there it is. Other crap telly i managed to avoid was 'american chopper' (episode 45, Pauly jr orders a part, the part arrives, pauly jr fits part... brilliant, you really couldn't write it) 'Miami Ink' i have managed to avoid this mostly but it is about some lads in a tattoo shop and they run it... another triumphant break through in entertainment... 'Most Haunted'.. yep, people standing in a room with the lights off filming moths.... i did see a great one advertised along these lines.. Ghost hunting with Danielle Westbrooke... i know... what is it all about??? danielle Westbrooke is famous for being an average actress on that god awful show 'East cockney knees up mother browns how's yer father apples and pears they only murdered their own and they loved their ma enders' and also she made her conventional two nostrils into one in order to get more personality powder up there so she could talk about herself more loudly while sweating.... what she has to do with ghost hunting i have no idea. Remember Alan partridge pitching those shows to the head of the BBC 'Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank' 'A Partridge among the pigeons... just me in trafalgar square going 'oh god'.... that was a joke in his show but it's coming true. yeah so there you go, TV is crap... no big surprise is it... ok I feel better now, bye


kate said...

now that's a rant.

Rob A. said...

I find fox news to be the best thing to watch on TV. Especially when you need a really good laugh.
That or Saturday night bingo on local cable. Nothing more tense than waiting for that special number to pop up.

boxof said...

What about Monkey tennis. That's probably the ONLY idea partridge had that they wouldn't do now. Because on the offchance it might turn out funny.
I'd say it's almost about time, Mick, that our old friend the evil Fuknut, that lovable hateable villian could have his own show. Look at his big stupid nose there.

Elliot Cowan said...

If this is supposed to be Kelsey Grammar then, nice.
Otherwise it's terrible.

Anonymous said...

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