Monday, April 27, 2009

Space holder

off colour remarks and rhubarb


boxof said...
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boxof said...

that's their name.
Francine, Ump and Nancy.
or maybe it's Una, like her with the stubs.
The Funnettes ?
anyone ? anyone ? [tumbleweed]
RIGHT [standing up] who threw that tumbleweed !?

Mick said...

(hiding tumble weed residue on hands and lower sleeves) What?

the funnettes... yes. Ump is the main one, Francine is the literay one and nancy is a bit homely and most probably a lesbian (eyes dart around wondering if you can still say lesbian while the lights are on without a social worker present). I'd like you to have this social worker... it's a social worker present (visibly shrinks into own shoes... more tumbleweed)

eat-a-heaps said...

...examines shoes.

He's GONE!!
hhmmmm but a fine pair of shoes.
[runs for door with shoes]

Rob A. said...

( Standing in door looking awkward )

Did someone order a lesbian?

Anonymous said...
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