Monday, September 21, 2009



eat-a-heaps said...

Save me from my monday. Post something colouredful.

eat-a-heaps said...

idillic happy hut blog thing upgrade has put me in good place. Am now thinking of all the good times in my life. Last wednesday, 10:10 this morning, last year or something.

The best combination of scribble and colours I have yet witnessed.
thank you

Leandro Gillig. said...

Hi, my name is Leandro from Argentina, I realy admire your work.
Allways visit your blog.
Sorry for my english.

come to visit my blog and watch my work. please!

ray forkan said...

mick, if i wasnt sittin down, then gravity wouldnt be workin, but let me tell u this, on its nite off, ive floated to the ceiling with a smile on my face. you do the ludicrous proud. smell ya once i burnt the toast in yer country....

Justin said...

Girl on the top strip is really cute!

ray forkan said...

heh is this a portrait of eve of distruction?