Monday, March 22, 2010

Brown paper ignorance

Here is my old pitch idea....................

Mallory Lumbago (concept)

Mallory Lumbago is an ordinary teenage girl with a haircut
and a desire to go to the prom. Only trouble is her cell phone
contains the spirit of long dead queen of the equestriad 'Ms Splint'.
High jinx and moralistic tales ensue as Ms Splint unleashes
back shattering orgasms through Mallory and her chums at precisely
the wrong moment (on a driving test, at the breakfast table, during unprotected
teen age sex). Her friends respond with their catch phrase 'OH MY GOD!'
which is either speeded up and repeated or slowed down to a painful level.
The friends are Rita Marley-A black activist. Clamidia-A chinese cripple
and Petra-a quirky robot with street smarts.

The stories take place in either the mall, the school gym or somewhere else.

Story outline- everyone needs a date for the prom even Tommo the light relief
(a jug eared nazi war criminal)... family values are reinforced like dull nails hammered
home without humour or imagination. Ms Splint administers her tuppence pleasures
and the girls say 'OH MY GOD!' in response to everything and anything.


damon said...

cool i like

Lee said...

Surely thats a winner

Christian said...

like OMG!!!

mmmmmmm said...

I liked this.. it made my coffee wobble. good funnys, an a gud drawin too

Will Finn said...

It's too good.

boxof said...

i love you so much

Unknown said...


Martin Knox said...

It's all about the delivery. If someone were to hear you say it in your voice, I no doubt guarantee you will make a million dollars with it. You keep up the good work, you've surely parted that one with the tip.

See you on Thursday.