Monday, December 20, 2010

Moon day

Things that are good today are... lava...which is melted rocks in case that slipped your mind... that is a bunch of rock that has melted due to unbelievable natural wonder.
This wiggly street is also very great today. they could have made it straight but they made it wiggly, nothing wrong with that.

Things that are sh*t today include when people repeat 'know what I'm saying?' Usually delivered after the simplest of conveyed concepts... for instance -
"So we were is a store in Detroit, know what I'm sayin?"
Even better is when they repeat it so many times that it almost becomes insulting through the insinuation that you cannot follow the mind bending tale they are imparting... know what I'm saying?
also rubbish today is mobile phone marketing

...but apart from that, here is a comic page

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Joey Lee said...

I can't seem to enlarge the images.