Friday, February 11, 2011

Rejiggling the jiggle

How did this great big bag of fun and frolics end up as this?....

It's called rejiggling
Why must they rejiggle?
Are movies like Saw (made for self harming goths and torture tourists) really what people want? Has Ndubz really gone triple platinum?
Of course it is the same as it ever was... when 'watch the tweety bird...snap' replaced the brush of the portrait painter I'm sure there was some huffing and puffing. Same as it ever was, only i have now reached the stage of noticing this perpetual rubbish. Hopefully the hipsters and their lack of 'anything' will act as a natural pause for breath then we can all go back living in caves and start the cycle again


ray forkan said...

very well put brethren, lets start the evolution, im doing it by not having any idea which could be used for anything. more of a default setting than an actual revolutionary action. wait, does that just make me a vacuous hipster?, shit, well, its at least hard to sell nothing, or is it??? im bamboozled again, nearly had a bit of clear thinking there, ill get back to you about it, viva la evolution!! ps, me burtday is march second, any chance of you making an appearence?

Dracula Fetus said...

I couldn't agree more that most modern "horror" movies are terrible, but there are some pretty damn good ones out there like Planet Terror and 30 Days of Night 1. And Rob Zombie's new movie looks promising, and Twilight will die a horrible bloody death, so all hope isn't lost yet.