Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last train to London

You make me sick

I mean that less than lightly

I prefer winter's coat

to the other type of whitey

just realised that 'whitey' can be used in the context of "Down with whitey"... that isn't what I was etty grat. I was refering to the types of reaction weekend visitors to Amsterdam's famous coffee shops often experience. Disorientation, garbled speech paddles, cold sweating, spinal shivers, dicky tummbly and wild presumptions as to whether or not you may be leaking something important... 'throwing a whitey' is the phrase that places all these interesting symptoms in a neat concise parlock


Will Finn said...

the "sorry i forgot your birfday" card is one odd invention. i always wondered why they stopped there?
Why not "Sorry I forgot Christmas" or "Mother's Day" or the all encompassing "Sorry I forgot You Existed"...?

Carry on...

Will Finn said...

p.s. "Sorry I forgot to post this in the correct &^%#*ing Post." (previous)