Sunday, January 22, 2012

Remember 'salt and shake' crisps?

You'd find a little bag of salt in your completely plain crisps which you tore open, sprinkled on the crisps and shook them up. Some lads tried adding vinegar but that was just madness. I used to eat them on the cricket with my dad. We sat in the dappled shade of some beautiful old trees. When I finished my pop and crisps I had a stroll around the boundry then went home. I never knew what the score was or what was going on. Happy days. Last summer I went to the same cricket ground and had a pint of 'flat cap' from banktop brewery. Rumour has it that this particular ale was all set to be called 'Fred's cap' for the wee steeple jack Fred Dibner. Allegedly Fred went to the brewery and had a few scoops with the lads and told them to work away and use his name in exchange for the afternoon's pints.. however, his widow (for old Fred wasn't too long about after) got wind of the deal and asked for royalties.... so they renamed the beer 'flat cap'... and their next two creations were called 'Gold digger' and 'old slapper'... who knows how true it is?

for those not too interested in highly specific nostalgia, here is a picture of a young lady peeling her gear off


Will Finn said...

Thanks I now have a severe case of something else.

Lee said...

I like the story, and I love the girl.

ray forkan said...

yer a bastid mick, you got her phone number??