Friday, April 06, 2012

the body slipper

Far, far too lucid


Someone said...

Perhaps I can help alleviate any of those quiet morose thoughts you might have from time to time by saying honestly that in my eyes you are an a fine example of the best of any bloke; who makes art & does joke. Every time I come to this blog I smile, and there is always something new. And every time I read any of your expressions in the written word, wordplays, puns, non-sequiturs, or just your simple murmurings in comments. You come across as quietly joviality in your nature and amusingly bemusing in your wit. Your works are punchy, colourful & clearly expressive of the fun & enjoyment that you seem have in their prolific creation. I must say that I enjoy them all. So thanks you my good Mick, for you help give my day a kick. And if you are ever feeling sick, or are dealing with some prick, just remember these genuine fawning words of mine, and I hope they do the trick. ~:^P

- Matt Tak Jack & Jim, or just some guy on the internet you can refer to as him.

PS: I deeply hope you are managing to maintain, or are pondering to start, working on a personal short film.

Mick said...

well now... I think I better make a short after those effort affirming words. I have a few in the pipe line. One is absolute rubbish, one is fairly funny (to me) and one is fair funny maybe. Stay tuned