Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Look more ancient signs of a big person beyond the stars
Lets go to the planet and land at the side of the big person's settlement.
Quick, off the ship and let's take a look this very minute.
Hang on here is a big person's head, we should study this
Here everyone roughly man handle this big head... How's about we
jam a probe into it... oops, it blew apart.
"This is rubbish I'm getting drunk, anyone can make people, for some reason
I'm immediately disappointed in everything"
Some dna will change me some how that ... ahhh well dead now
Pregnant with an alien lifeform... quick abortion via caesarian
All done, what's in this door? It's the old lad, why? Who cares?
The big lads hate us and they're going to kill us now
Quick blow up their space ship
Sure, us lads will suicide that thing after zero contemplation of the
explanation that wasn't offered.
Talking head.... comical.... crap.... walk out of the cinema....
booooooooo! bag of arse!!!


Lee said...

You must of seen it twice, eh?

Mick said...

I should have walked out early on. Missed my train waiting for something to actually turn into a story

She-Thing said...

Wuv the caricature tho

Anonymous said...

Roger Ebert eat your heart out... nice one Mick.

tomm said...

yep thats about it