Thursday, September 06, 2012


I always liked the cover of Marvin Gayes album 'What's going on' I don't know why but immediately it was something. After some (none) deliberation I put it down to the film stock of the time, not to belittle the photographer's skill (absolutely ignoring the photographer's skill). Things seemed more vivid back then, more iconic.... well whatever it is I will continue to seek it's essence (will completely forget this in about three minutes)

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Will Finn said...

Yes you are onto something there thinks I.

You are also psychic, as I have been listening to Vivian Stanshall tracks on CD and Utoob for weeks now and here he is in all his ginger glory on that last album cover. RIP Lord Rawlinson.

P.S. I am finally coming up for air after a swamped stretch of many months, thanks for those Hoffnung links you sent a while back, if i didn't thank you already. very inspiring. Fellow Loon David (SIMPSONS) Silverman is also a big fan of Gerald and quoted his recordings for me when I was a wee tot of 40...