Thursday, November 09, 2006

animation lesson number five

Lesson seven is about the creation of interest in your film or movie or film. in the above example you can see clearly that there is a tension in the air and the young revolutionary fellow is all too aware of his own mortality. Obviously you will be unable to summise your own story in so few lines. I am however, a proffessional of many years standing and so can instantly capture the imagination and attention of the viewer, drawing them into the story itself. Such lofty accomplishments will come in time but firstly i suggest you make a simple scene wherein a man who has recently lost his umberella on a bus (very common, making it more easy to animate). he of course purchases another, well you never know do you? On returning home he finds that his original umberella is by the door where he left it and not as he thought 'lost'. As you can see this is a straight forward, up and down premise. for added simplicity use stop motion animation and nothing but eggs. good luck

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