Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lesson 12. the theory of 'Dog'

One of the common causes of dog animation in cartoons is a story (or 'plot line' as we call it in hollywood) about some sort of canine. If you refer to lesson 'zark' I am sure you will guess my next point.... yeah that's correct. Dogs have four legs... which is triple + one hard to animate. For this reason Montgomery Clift sat down with boffins in 1867 (the golden age of radio) and invented the 'sat dog' approach to the problem of the four legs. This method demands that if a dog or dogs are to be depicted in a cartoon film they should be sat down. Pretty much anything dog shaped can and will look fine sat in the direction of down. This weeks assignment will be go out and buy some dogs and observe them like Teste Zoom Bang does in Spain. If you cannot afford a several dog then go to a neighbours house and peer through the windows at anything sat down on the chairs. Do not forget your patented leather 'animators balaclava' though. With all the weirdos about these days you can't be too careful.


Chris Battle said...

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Awesome art, btw!

Dan Elder said...

Holy shit I have no sweet clue what your talking about..i mean your words are words but put together i can't understand.. you sure can draw though

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katzenjammer studios said...

Oh boy! I love your artwork on the drawingboard but haven't had time to frequent there. I will check back often here tho, good sir. Update often!