Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Graphic novelty

Writing graphic novels isn't easy these days... there are the many pages of 'nothing going on' to think of plus the correct amount of too much pretension, the waffle, the scenes were people walk through the snow, talking talking talking.... my own story concerns a woodland thing and some other characters that I haven't thought out.. they live in Toronto or something and go about their bland little adventures. I plan on having about 4000 pages with an intro of about 20 pages by some wanker you never heard of. The release date is somewhere towards the end of the mayan calender and it will be on 'Put a glass eye to sleep publishing'.... then again.... maybe I'll make a sandwich... or as we say round here, chilli home fry soup granade.


max said...

I'm counting the days to the end of the Mayan calendar.

kaunchen said...

U....Teach me how to draw!!!

Unknown said...

What about the Misken Plats and the Woozen Wibbler Kittens?!
They ought to be there too!
And what about Mr.Cute Brute? I ain't see him nowhere nor his three fingered hairy Index Finger. Leave that sandwich for what it is and get back to work!

(! may is the month!)