Monday, August 20, 2007

nostalgia ball point pen paper the dreams of chillblanes

the main man glinesy inspired this... afte rJustin Coffe showed me the light (switch)

what do we want?
Better gravy!
When do we want it?
On a SUNDAY!!!!!!!!


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

gravy is bad.
i ate it once and i could feel the cholesterol in my blood having a party and eating me from the inside.
don't you dare!

pBn said...

this is awesome. she's lovely.

Unknown said...

Hi mick - Great to see your keeping the blog alive - obviously I'm not impressed with any of your art work, but give it time, and alot of practice...

How's fat cat treating you...are you lovin' canada?


What do you mean gravy is bad?
You can't have tomato sauce and basil on everything.
I had gravy all me life!
I love it!

Chris Battle said...

Perfectly Glinesey! Love it.