Thursday, September 27, 2007


he he he here is a little something me and gene made... or was it gene and me... i forget myself now


Shem said...

Hey there Mister Mick.
Flying out to Vancouver at the
end of October. Should be a
Oh yeh and this is great.
It's the limit.

Unknown said...

i'm loving it.
as we dutch people like to sing!
no no ! no no no no! no no no no!
no no there's no limit!
no no ! no no no no! no no no no!
no no there's no limit!

(except for bratwurst)

Elliot Cowan said...

It's like Jesus in a Santa suit came down from Mt Olympus and gave everyone a bag of magic sweeties.

Abel said...

I'm won't try to understand what the voice says, but stills great!
send it to the festivals!!

Rick-Garcia said...

What a madness!!! xD

Johnny Gonzo said...

I like thee animation, dats so Sil-lee....
the Bratwurst reminds me of crappy cartoon factories in vancouver.

Animation and hot dags, Everyone loves em until they find out what gos into making them.

Bentos said...

Eyeballs and arseholes more difficult to fit to verse eh?