Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jamaican bob sled


joost said...

that looks great mick!
did you draw that with one of those pencil-thingies?

murrayb said...

Johnny asparagus has quite the excited neck. veins mayhaps?

because of tear, I shed a beer.

the job I did scotch, because o' the botch.

on the test I did brandy,thanks to dandy.

I told my beer I couldn't get it it gin...come in dear fellow!

( I smell governor general child Lit award winning book. oh wait, that's yesterday's lunch.)

Mick said...

yeah I know Murray... phallic ey? or then again maybe it is just us?

Lauren said...

Nuff people say they know they cant believe,

Jamaica we have a bobsled team

LFW said...

Hey Mickfred, good to see you are still kickin' it like the donkey you are, lol.

Some of the stuff I seen is pretty wicked, though these two look a little old (i.e. I seen em before maybe).

keep up the good work


your fan


Jez Hall said...

You bark madness!
I can hear you over here.
Like some crazy badger,
wuffin in my ear.