Thursday, December 13, 2007

happy where ever you are!!!

Here is a big parcel that I had left over from last year. i think it had a pineapple in there or a mouse circus... anyway it smells funny so you can have it. Please send 10 quid for free one legged trousers.


Elliot Cowan said...


joost said...

I will never send you Dutch treats anymore

Unknown said...

Very cool blog! Love your style! More please more!

RoB said...

Awesome art!


Unknown said...

Weehe dripping presents looking good!
Are you too?

:) it was roxy

Rob A. said...

Merry happy ripe pineapples my good sir.
Word of advice, do accept wooden nickels. They are worth millions.


Hey what's dripping?
Very merry and happy things to you as well Mick!

Milenko said...

May your stuff be happy and may the next summer bring mountains of joy to you and your homies.

Cheers buddy,


Ah yes, and your stuff is super sweet once again too.

Anonymous said...

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