Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ivans wedding night and segway double take

Ivan took that girl off my hands
I still feel i really owe him
after such a huge sacrifice
all I did was write this poem

...I never even showed it to him I also wrote it pretty quick, further cheapening the gesture. Not bad rhyming 'poem' in an actual poem though don't ya think? Ah suit yourself, let's see you off load a large psycho to a tiny viking and still have the wherewithall to pen a rubbish limerick.
We'll make great... make that... 'totally crap' pets. Are they actually wearing helmets??? Is this really happening in our time? The mind boggles, readjusts itself, straightens it's hat, takes another look at these 'people' then gives up and goes for a walk. Segways... go figure


tomm said...

hehe you said "segway."

Fabio Lai said...

I'm not sure I've understood what you talk about in this post, my english is not so good. But I think the tiny man bouncing on the fat girl's belly is so funny :D

Justin said...

Hahahah, I still say you need to animate that scene. Hilarious drawing !

boxof said...

um, that 'fat girl' is me.
I'd be upset at the insult only it's so much fun having harold jump on my tumble tum.

Shem said...

Can't complain Mick,
Many a laugh has been had.
Still waiting for the
adventure to truly kick in.
Any second now.