Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to draw last year

I made this last year and don't recall ever posting it on here. So for all those people with really nothing better to do, here it is for your viewing pleasure... at once both entertainacull and educajun chicken


CuRtiS_ said...

Hilarious and awe inspiring as usual Mr. Harrison!

hope your doin well

contact me sometime.

-the Newf

boxof said...

i'm cryin' here me hearty.
can i film some of the most horribly boring bits of my life so you can do an audio commentary ?
why do they call them that ? it's just a commentary.
i think i liked the line at frame 1,746 the best. that's a cracker.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

bahaha good goodness mick I loved when you showed us these back when you came over here and your poor allergic head was lying on the patio floor under the rain sleeping oh well well.
mickeyyyy!! yes we are coming to see the kells premiere, in dublin, on the 22nd. it's a sunday. come. yes? great, i'll bring you gnocchi.

chrisallison said...

hahahaha. you are a fucking GREAT cartoonist, mick! thru and thru. i wish you did commentary on more stuff. your blog also needs 200% more backgrounds music

your film JACKIE turned out AWESOME! tons of hilarious visual puns, super appealing colors, awesomely designed characters/layouts. you fucking rule and i need to check back here more often than i do

Erik said...

'Ctrl Z Ctrl Z Ctrl Z Ctrl Z oww God... Ctrl Z Ctrl Z...' Greatttt!!!

Aadel Forootan said...

hey mick, so when are going to be soccer commentator on my animated soccer show?:)

keep in touch bro,


Shane said...

Seriously you are my Hero! LOL Awesome man!

mmmmmmm said...

Your voice has grown husky in its wisdom.
This warmed me.

Out in the garden, in the darkness,

I love you.

Tooninator said...

haha....thanks for the insight, mick

Anonymous said...
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