Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Expensive holidays and wide faced women

Here we are then. Me and owd Wilco there. A wonderful selection of garments, all hand cooked using feet


Christian said...

Hey ,Hey Mick,Is that you at the bar in Kilkenny? Youve got to move on, I know its hard.

Mick said...

no kilkenno.... but on site real ales and progressive approaches to licencing laws

mmmmmmm said...

You look a fine gentlemen with dashing handlebar. Good to see.

I'd like a shirt and I'd like it to be of me and you and 'boxof' at christmas in bunk beds. happiness.

boxof said...

triple bunk beds!
bags I not the middle middle

boxof said...

oh and tremendulous by the wahaaaay
tree t shurts fer me dere tanks.

joost said...

i need t-shirts mick!
where do i get em?