Monday, June 15, 2009

Trout pontoon, perch poker, stickle back dom

Lucosade always tasted better with the cellophane bit on the bottle, tell that to kids these days and they have an asthma attack


mmmmmmm said...

This is one of them really good ones. Just who do you think you are anyway? Some kind of good drawerer. With your fancy colours and curves.

Well you haven't pulled the wool over my eyes so called "Mick". I coloured in something that looked nearly as good as this only the other day. And I'd wager I did it faster than you did.
Thats right.
You heard.

Mike Geiger said...

so great!

boxof said...

seriously. even just plain water tasted better in lucosade bottles [with the cellophane still on]
it is my every day lament that i can't get it over by 'ere.

elephantmarchblog said...


Can't believe I never checked out you blog before. Awesome compositions

onemanpunkband said...

amazing man!!!

alf said...

Good to know,
we'll prepare you some gnocchi with some cellophane bits in them. Just try not to suffocate, it would be the second time in our house!
great stuff by the way :)