Wednesday, November 03, 2010

can't get no respect

In the last few posts are references to some songs... if you can name them all then you will recieve a limited (1) edition piece of hurray... am I talking to myself again?

merry november to all


Dimitry Kachkovski said...

Hmm, I can only spot Sex Pistols and Nomeansno... And this post, dunno about songs, but it's damn close to a stand up routine by Rodney Dangerfield - "I don't get no respect".

Mick said...

you got two

and just like Rodney, I also can't get no respect

Dimitry Kachkovski said...

Hmm, how far back should we look? I just came across "The Band", "The Never Never" (or at least I think that might be it...), and the fact that google is made of awesome:)

MrKedamono said...

Ok, hope this is it.

Politically Incorrect



How to save a life

Always the sun

Is that even close there Mick?

Mick said...

wow... that is so close that there are even ones i didn't realise myself... still missing a couple though. It is great that people know the good stuff