Friday, September 22, 2006

The bottomless cake

Sure it had no bottom, some days people would gather to jeer. other days (coincidently when it was over cast with the prospect of drizzle) they sent jeer smeared post cards and fancy goods which could be interpreted as jeers made tangible.... Here! My rice puddin's on the fritz again pass me that angle wrench would yer Billy. Ey Billy, what's with them hand singnals them lads in gangs do? All that three fingers over there, two over here. then a drive way shoot shoot over some hoes and a bit of 'bidniz'.

You know those doodles people do in meetings?? yeah, well not me my friend, oh no. No meetings for this guy. No, certainly no indeed. here are some doodles i did while not having a meeting the other day. I mentioned to the young secretary not taking notes that she had beautiful skin. She said i had a big nose. he laughed carelessly like children in spring... I fell quickly in love... we laughed some more... I noticed she had lots of fillings... she noticed i kept using the three '...' system to insinuate an active mind and had no time for grammatical correctness. She was gone the next day. i was posted overseas... ahh the fickle fingers of fate poking us in the eye every chance they get.


Abel said...

The secretary at the meeting is called Marty? XD
Your doodle girl is lovely!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

what-in-the-world...hey brothermick! that's lovely. where is my red panda?

PEPE said...

delish!!! hope all is well!!