Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vincent the shoe clerk

It's like a record sleeve...geddit? ah suit yer self then.......


OCEaNagogoh said...

Hi Mick,

Sorry to post this here... the PM at Drawingboard took so long to sent out message! Its been a few days & my reply to u dtill sits in the outbox waiting to be sent (rolling eyes) Anyway, below was my reply.

"CoOl! Thanks Mick!

Yap, u can draw anything u want to, but it'lll be great if 1025 is inside the drawing itself. Take for example mine, I made the stuffs in her pot look like 1025 (but my colleague said he can't tell it is 1025.. .T^T ).

Deadline is flexible, as long as its before 7th of Oct :>
Look foward to see your drawing! "

P.S anything pls email me rather than PM me. Its faster.


Unknown said...

coool illo