Friday, September 01, 2006

see that wee tacker in nepal? He's only little you know

This is it kids... the big one... the marathon.... not yer average 50 yard dash of happy... this is the olympics, cross country style. Oh yeah, bet yer boots it is. Captain Beard!!!
he sails the several seas,
with a beard down past his knees.
he sails the oceans blue,
with a beard like that it is simple to do.
he is entirely made of hair,
baldies claim it isn't fair.
his mother sold him to barnum
under the proviso they wouldn't harm him (yeah i know)
he escaped in the dead of night
under a tent flap painted black to stop any light
just like velvet curtains
or was it heavy blinds? ..I can't be certain
Ahhh i give up
three cheers fer captain beard... hip hip.... ahhhh phooey

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John T Quinn III said...

great work. i'll check back.