Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It gets worse

I was holding out until it at least got a little bit average but alas it has taken a turn for the downwards. i could lie and say this is some pre-production work for an up coming project, and it is but you wouldn't believe that. We have both grown apart, we used to laugh all the time, now what with the kids, the over time and of course the galloping infedelity... i always used to think that infidelity was when your radio didn't work... and i don't know why. i know the kids from fame did a song called 'high fidelity' it went-
high fidelity hi hi hi hi
high fidelity hi, hi fidelity
high fidelity hi hi hi hi
keepin it right
wearing your tights
something like that, not very inspired i know. What that has to do with broken radios I have no clue.


Gene Fowler said...

oh yes dear boy, this is the bees wheez.

Can hardly wait for you to arrive, I got my sausages all ready don't you know.

Tara sends her love and three pounds of fresh new brunswick catfish. She was caught at the airport recently with a magnet in her rectum, wile e. coyote was near by wearing roller skates.


Dagan Moriarty said...


sweet man, sweet.


Milenko said...

Hehe, fidelity is when one plays fidel.
Even me, with my poor command of english know that.
And one of these days radios will get small. And they will fit an alarm clock in it, and it will have 265 gigs of kilobites, and an usb port that will plug into your computor and roast a rack of lamb for you while you sleep.
And it will play your i-pod.

it's the ampfetamines talkin, Nowdays they put speed in them so they are reel good to have at 9pm.
Anyhow, I like you and I like your style :)
(in a non homosexual, socialy acceptable way, because my arse belongs only to the bank that has my mortgage and they do make love to it a lot, and lately it seems that they are trying to maximise their profits by cutting on lubricants so I find it hard to sit down and must use amfethimines with speed...)

Cheers to you,