Monday, March 19, 2007

wonder plant

I was just reading about a plant called 'siliphium' that is now extinct. It is a great shame that this particular plant is no longer with us when you read of it's many wonderful uses. Here is the list- Aside from uses in the kitchen as an ingredients in sauces and as a garnish it was also good at treating coughs, sore throats, fevers, indigestion, fluid retention, aches and pains. the sap was used to remove warts and other growths and was also useful against snake bites..... here is the best bit though 'when mixed with wine it was said to make serpents explode' !!!! Brilliant... also it put sheep to sleep and made goats sneeze. Other uses included restoring hair and treating leprosy.
It is no longer with us but grew when it did in Libya. I just went searching for images on the internet but as it is extinct it was a small and futile gander. Here is another picture just in case.
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joost said...

hey!!!, what is this!!?!
alright do me two then!
you've got those red hats ?with a little tassle on it?
you know....
two please

Abel said...

suddenly I feel like I need to buy a hat... could it be the hidden message?
the rest is with the siesta, actually I'm gonna have a rest right now.

jesse said...

Thanks mick. hi.
Beckon it does.. I'm done here early June. Can you hold it in that long? If not maybe Gorg and myself can go for a weekend, but that might be hasty and rushed. boo-urns.

Silphium: Awesome.
PS. When are u going to CAnada?

Milenko said...

Silphium you say?
Try some PawPaw leaves.
They cure everything.
And Swedish Bitters and B17 and stuff.
But PawPaw rocks. And it tastes like used socks.
Hmm it got me thinking now...

Nice guy witha hat.

Did I mention that I like your art lately?

Cheers to you,


Mukpuddy said...

Off to buy a hat...seeya!

jesse said...

June, righto. I'll email u soon
I see youre chatting about lamp posts again..
Yer drawrings eat poop encrusted spats. Especially that little strap going under the arch of the foot..
they cant get enough of it.

monkeyfeather said...

Great design mixed with a strong message. When did you become so political?

Unknown said...

something is subliminal here!..haha.. you should try this on someone who's not interested in art..i was distracted by the amazingness of the art! after i read all that...reminds me of some kind of wild honey they say the same things about and cure over 700 diseases :D
nothing political at all here hehehe!