Wednesday, August 01, 2007

burnt umber.. polly piquant... take a number

Cecil is a fella, a fella who eats plates
He often gets through 30 while talking with his mates
The years have flown by and his teeth are gone
His poor arse now but tatters
But there's hardly any washing up... and surely that's what matters.


chrisallison said...

You draw the best girls. I'm so jealous I'm going to copy pages and pages of your girl drawings.

Ah person said...

I used to eat plates, the kind with fruit painted on them. man you have never eaten fruit until you eat the kind painted on a plate. deeeee-lish.

sorry for not giving you a proper handshake and good bye there my friend! but i had a great time working with ya and thansk for all your help.

hopefully no harm done :)!

jesse said...

Pure filthy greatness

Martin Hsu said...

fantastic girlie sketches!

Chris Battle said...

Hot damn! Those are some nice ladies.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

the rhyme sucks brother mick, you can do better than that!!
by the way, you're getting obsessed with these naked girls.
eat more gnocchi.