Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ronalds hand lackery

Unexpectedly both Ronalds hands fell off... and not in a funny way either since traditionally, the hand acts as a barrier to prevent all the juice in your arms from leaking out. With them gone Ronald could do nothing but lement his unwritten letter that would never be scratched out on paper. It was a letter thanking his Aunt for a great birthday pair of book ends. Ronalds Aunt would no doubt think he was something of an ungrateful little bastard pretty quickly after the letter didn't arrive.


Milenko said...

Ah, you.
It is one of my worst fears to have my hands fall off and the handjuice leak out.
That, and the fear that some day, someone is going to hit me with an arrow straight in my bellybutton.
And how about it.
Anyhow you sure cheered me up a bit with this one.



Anonymous said...
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tomm said...

blood that pools rules