Monday, March 31, 2008

turbine spine dance

I got a bunch of Kiraz reference from Justin coughdrop, among a multitude of other wonderful reference... he's there in the links so he is... he fell out with me for saying the hands on his latest post were bobbins. I think I have upset him and so I make a full and frankly frank apology. This ere picture is after looking at a whole heap of Kiraz stuff, that dude drew the gimpiest chin fizogs but pulled it off with elegance that is hard to do. It just shows that going that extra weird step more often than not pays off.... this is all starting to sound like sense so I refer you to the time when, as an 8 years old at a restaurant in Treardur bay, Wales i performed a perfect impersonation of a cheetah pulling one of them real big face stretching yawns as it surveyed the pickings available on the Serenghetti smorgasbord. You know what? No bugger noticed.. and I tell you now and i tell ya true, it was a great impression. It's hard to go back and enjoy your fish fingers and beans after such a set back but i did, after all a fish finger is still a fish finger and beans will, although not always obviously help their bread crumb, processed fish compadres along.


Anonymous said...
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tinylittlesandra said...

beautiful designs - very retro.