Wednesday, March 26, 2008

why do people

I was brought up to think before i say something. Other instances of pointless chatter are:-

'I don't like that shirt' - when you couldn't give a feck
'Yeah you look ill' - after you told them that you are ill
'Oh, that's not good' -after you sustained a heavy whack to the head/ received and 18 year term on a chain gang in Lousiana.

...and i thought there were many others as there surely are but as ever when it comes to remembering them I seem to have forgotten them all.


Suzanne Marsden said...

Nice comic strip Mick-- it's true. What makes people say shit like that?
"You look terrible"
"You look really, really tired"
"That colour doesn't suit you" (on a shirt you've had for a couple of years. Thanks!!

Anyway, hope you're doing well and not too pissed at the weather :-)

Jay D Smith said...

heh, good stuff!