Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am off to the shop(s)

No doubt i will be back tomorrow to bore the marrow out of anyone wandering around the internipple looking for cheap thrills and/ or half baked ideas and doctored facts as to the diet of Elvis on the day he fell off the perch, the holy grail (it's a woman you know...yes, a blood line right from Jesus and Mary Magdacling it's a cup full of nothing, but isn't that the way of the cup, the emptiness being the most use i mean... no it's a shop in cairo where Moses served his apprenticeship under Charlton Hestons ever watchful wig), or bargains on ebay to sell back to people on ebay a week later without ever leaving the house... 'I can't use this old hostess trolley that plays CDs' ' Bang it on ebay kidda, nay bother. i bought half a howitzer on there the other day and the seller paid the postage, result! I plan on selling it to a a chinese guy living in detroit who does a tidy line in fish tanks, the futility of which has crushed his fragile bubble'

Then again....

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