Monday, July 17, 2006

round and round and links and blogging like a blogger

here is a picture I made of our pal Gord. his real name is Gordon and he is from Scotland in Canada. yesterday is his birthday and as a mark of respect we are ridiculing him in the form of a biting charicature (which nobody can spell). i post this primerilly (which i can't spell) to become associated with the wonderful bloggers who post cartoony pictures and have links to each others cartoonty pictures blogs. i too would like links to cartoony peoples blogs and become worthwhile by mistake. Right now i feel like that Anastsia (not Albert) when she tells us all in garbled stadium language that she has been ' lef ortsaidddd alorn, left ortsaid alorn, yer know, orll moi loife ah bin wading fer yoooo t'bring a faireetale moi woiy...' and so on. What a gal! What a gal. Sure sure

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