Sunday, July 23, 2006

The several Seas


A tiny spanish maniac laughs heartily as a noble sea turtle tries to dislodge the all too snuggly fitted tifter yesterday in Buenos Areas. This type of thing being as what passes for culture in the frontier towns and shopping melons in todays 'me, me' me' society.


Children as young as these ones caught on camera at the facilitys 'Hat correction' block are taught in no uncertain terms how to remove and eventually 'forget' where they left the hats of exotic seasnails, cockles, winkers, shrimp horses and octojellypickles. Some even finding their way into bus station lost property fires.


A dolphin (or cabbage of the sea) driven insane by years of ill advised head furntiture and a partially old blow hole tries in vain to knock the ridiculous festival goer drug hat off it's narrow manners as an impish imp sends radio controlled instructions to a straw boater on a 'rock'.


Thank god arseholes like TVs clown and magic impressionist Daniel Blaine are making a stand. Tied to three of four cruiseships and driven out into clear clear water with light bulbs, liver damaged charlatan Blade is holding a forty year vigil in the name of sea creatures everywhere to raise awareness of their plight.

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