Tuesday, August 01, 2006

bad gun

here is some new old old stuff.
remember the fiftys when men were men and women were hydraulic?? oh the opulance, oh the optimism, oh the TV dinners... benny Goodman.. howdy doodee... greyhounds across the country to santa barbara fran sandisco.... all these things mean nothing to me.


Gene Fowler said...


That's the goods.

Man you and your silly ways
back in my day we were spooning and you never looked better with your new outfits and flirty lids.

many a job I passed up just to rubber chicken and that wasn't even the best of it. oh no you fucker. it's not.

Daniel said...

I love how the guy on the left looks like that landlord on three's company... But in his younger rebelious days, with dark hair. Smashing cars like all men did back then.

Ha! Take that big chinned man!

I love it.

neven said...

Wow, awesome!

I had to put it on my desktop.
the atmosphere in it and the expressions are right on!

miss u every day,


B Roy said...

Thats just great I can't wait to big and strong like those guys...

any minute now.... ... .. . yep