Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A whistle stop tour of the worlds worst ideas...10% on

I drew this knight the other night...I don't know what it was about them dopey hats on the knights like in dragon slayer video game where you put in the money and a lot of nothing happened. then a cartoon said 'you died trying to negotiate the gap' or something unexpected like that. you had to admire their taking such a courageous leap in video games development.. if it wasn't for that game there would never have been...erm, actually it was rubbish wasn't it? Long may it stay buried... gawd struth...


Milenko said...

Well, Princess in bikini was kinda cool.
I remember woodin' up when I saw her in that intro for that one they did for the crapbox.
I actually bought it.
I only played the game for a couple of minutes before it bored me to the point where my brain decided to go on vacation and I lost controll of my bottom jaw and drool spilled everywhere. My wife thought I turned into a vegetable, and wanted to plug me into a life support device at the local hospital only so she can "pull the plug" a few hours later and inherit my vast wealth comprised of old comics with front page ripped off and whatever still functioning organs I have remaining in my body.
Fortunately I came to my senses before it all happened and never played a game again.
But I did replay that intro with that princess many a time afterwards.
Anyhow, cheers to your pencil,


Abel said...

I understand the same in your blog da in reality, almost nothing
I really like this character, is cool!

Heath said...

Fred! You my friend are the stuff!! Your work is amazing!I'm so glad you got a blog. I really like the way you handle perspective. Keep up the great work here! I'll be back here for sure.

monkeyfeather said...

YOU'RE back!!! Great to see work from you again!!!

Dave Dick said...

Love the hand and expression!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

where is my red panda..
i knew it, brother bear.

Gene Fowler said...

saddle up Mick. we're looking at ya.

Mick said...

cheers fellows and chicks too.
Always remember perspective is the enemy and should be treated with disdain... or maybe dis norweigen ... ho ho see how I am making the bad jokes in across border fshions now yes.