Sunday, August 20, 2006

doodle that i did in a train accident

I put down some aniseed to throw off the blood hounds whilst escaping from that island where they keep you all fresh and not so much salt then harvest yer organs for professional footballers who is the guy from the shawshank mile with Toms hank... you know it isn't a real island that they win in a lottery but then they go away and are not allowed to have sex with Renton or Scarlet Yohighfive....just as the jar of aniseed was running low I happened to notice my error. it wasn't aniseed at all it was pedigree chum special blood hound menu for blood hounds.... needless to say i was captured within three yards of my bedroom and cupboards where product placement abounds...silly really. Always read the label if not before escape then certain after.


Gene Fowler said...

hahah.. love your little beady eyes on this one dude..

glad your silly writings are making a come back.

Dagan Moriarty said...


dude, i KNEW you had to have a blog!

GREAT stuff, as always... gonna go explore the 'archives' now, too!


Matt P said...

Cheers for the good words matey- you've got some cool stuff over here.
Mind if I stick a link up on me blog?

Mick said...

aye lad click away there