Thursday, August 10, 2006

the picture there above there is for the use in a 'make yer own cereal packet whacky caper' caper. I saw all the top lads doing it so I am joining in on my own, all with myself. Apparently it has a long history this spoofing products and what not... look if you don't believe me (insert link that i couldn't find for you)

This fella rides in a car. remember when Big daddy roth fell off his perch? yeah well if it wasn't for him california would have never seen the light of day, never mind catch on as it has. yep, Big daddys Roth made it all happle.


Jez Hall said...

you're the boss Mick

Mick said...

that's right... now back to work... cup of tea.... scrub the decks/ wacoms (delete as applicable)