Friday, August 04, 2006

The blue sash

I made this based on a fella from Australia who is very funny and also a bit touched in the head. We came up with the character while stacking fruit and veg on an all night market in geelong, Melbourne. there are these apples called 'Blue Sash' and another brand called 'Steinholdt'. i will make the picture of Steinholdt soon and then the dynamic duo can go balistic... or something... see how i was trying to spice it up there at the last part... and see how i failed... and see how I keep putting these... dots in as if it is stream on conciousness writting which gets on peoples nerves because it is like doing the two little rabbits when making a 'point'... who am i even talking to?

1 comment:

Christian said...

Blogging really can change your life,I dont know about you but I feel like a more well rounded individual.NEVER give up on the Blue Sash .....(stream of consiosness).....its going places.